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Skin Care

Formulated by skin-care specialists in USA, Aqua+ Series makes use of innovative and natural ingredients
to provide safe and beneficial attributes for daily skin cleansing. After a brief introduction to our loyal
customers, Aqua+ Series quickly became a best seller at Watsons since 2013.
Recommended by dermatological- health professionals, our hypo-allergenic line caters to all types of
skin conditions, such as oily, excessive oil, sensitive skin, clogged pores, acne prone, ageing & sagging
skin, deep fine lines, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation Aqua+ Series complete line of skin care products
cover washing, cleaning, toning, moisturizing and they are oil-free, fragrance free, water-based , mild &
moist. Aqua+ Series promotes healthy skin, rejuvenation & regeneration enhances facial complexion,
radiance, smoothness & suppleness deep-cleanses, reduces & removes clogged skin pores.
Our skincare nurtures natural collagen & elastin production thus promoting healthy, smooth & radiant
skin appearance.